Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Campus Technology misses the Tablet PC

Are you kidding me?

Campus Technology has a product focus on interactive whiteboards as a collaborative tool.  It also has a long list of alternative technologies, but they miss the ultimate collaborative tool.  Each of the technologies are involved in trying to get the written and drawn image on a white board projected or saved and transmitted electronically to students in the classroom or at a distance.

How can they miss the Tablet PC?  Really folks, I can write or draw on my tablet screen and broadcast it anywhere.  One can simply use Microsoft Journal to create a white space to write on or write on any of the Microsoft Office products and with other apps can write on anything.   I have been doing this for years to great success.  When the screen in the classroom is in front of the classroom whiteboard as it is in almost every classroom I walk into, the Tablet PC is both the projector of content and the electronic whiteboard.

I think this reaches a new height with using DyKnow Vision in a 1:1 computing environment.  Each student needs a computer to receive the message and a free client download and they do not have to be Tablets.

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