Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Tablet: Is the Revised Galaxy Tab 10.1 an iPad 2 Killer? More importantly is that "digital ink" I see?

New Tablet: Is the Revised Galaxy Tab 10.1 an iPad 2 Killer? [GALLERY]

This one got my attention. In image 6 of 9 of the original story is an on screen image of "PenMemo" with pen ink control and an illustration of a drawing having been made on the screen. While I don't see evidence of a stylus in the article, the ability to write on the screen is the right direction.

(image grabbed from linked page)

Anyone who knows me and the way I use my HP2710p Tablet PC in the classroom will know that a device that offers ink capabilities will be high on my list of things to have. Using DyKnow Vision with the Tablet PC in a 1:1 computing environment has been a great experience, but the entry price for students is they must purchase a Tablet PC (a harder and harder to find item) and not what students show up to class with. For $499 -- if this could support the wireless capability of a powerhouse like Dyknow (and I know I am dreaming) I would be in line the day it comes out.

I do like "For business users, the new Tabs both include Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support, and Quickoffice HD Editor for managing office documents via Android." (source:

Apparently no USB or SD card slot, but the Moto Zoom has at least the USB. (source: engadget).

So after some searching I can find nothing about "PenMemo" that excites me and nothing about a stylus being able to be used on these new Tablet PC's. (I really hate that the real Tablet PC's have lost the branding war with the Tablets that are out now.)

Someone find me a good digital ink solution in these new fangled Tablets. (Hey APple if you get there first I could jump ship...)