Friday, May 22, 2009

Apple to avoid netbook, try tablet in 2010, says analyst

I have pointed out Axiotron's Apple-like modbook which modifies a Apple macbook to accept a digital pen before in this blog. Then i promptly forgot about the 'Apple
side of the Tablet / digital ink world, although one of my students used for almost a year a macbook with wacom tablet on the side. Yesterday Computerworld reports:

Apple will wait until next year to enter the netbook market, and then will unveil not a knock-off, but a tablet-like device priced between $500 and $700, a Wall Street analyst said today. Gene Munster, a senior analyst for Piper Jaffray, ticked off significant amounts of admittedly circumstantial evidence to back up his thinking on Apple's move into the lower-priced market.

This would be welcomed indeed by all. It might be the first time I try an Apple.