Sunday, May 20, 2007

Confessions of a Podcast Junkie

Got to love this title: Confessions of a Podcast Junkie which is the title of an article in Educause Review, May/June 2007, (42)3 by Carie Windham. I have posted five or six times before this on podcasting and our ITL Research committee has been studying podcasting in Intro to Psych this last academic year and my university just joined iTunesU. This article is just in time for this excitement and offers balance from a student's perspective. Carrie stumbles on free/cheap podcasts, gets hooked, then progressed to making podcasts, then to surveying students and Professors across the country who are using them. This is a great read and important if you are into podcasts and perhaps more importantly if you aren't.

Best section: "If I were in charge: Tips for Faculty." You need to read the article for the whole flavor, but the headings are such common sense:

  • Don't assume

  • Keep is simple

  • Quality counts

  • Make it relevant

  • Don't limit the imagination

  • Encourage exploration

A good read ... now go and podcast :)

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