Wednesday, May 09, 2007

1:1 Computing and Econometrics -- in their own words

Eight graduate students in econometrics relate their experiences by answering a question on the last day in class after using their Gateway M285 Tablet PCs and DyKnow Vision for the past five weeks. This is the second of two classes so our students had Tablet PCs for only the 5 last (and most intense) weeks of a total of 30 weeks. So the question posed in DyKnow was ...

Describe how the use of the Tablet PC has assisted your learning of econometrics.

I received many different statements in four broad categories: (1) about the lecture, (2) about reviewing notes, (3) about mobile computing, and (4) a couple of general comments. I have quoted them closely, but changed the writing to be of one style to help you read through this list.

About Lecture
  • I don't need to write too much during the class so that I can concentrate more on listening
  • It is much easier to make notes, but the pen is really hard to use (and that is the only negative comment)
  • The tablet PC assisted me in studying econometrics a lot. Especially in class, it helps me concentrate more. It helps me pay attention in class better.
  • The Tablet PC has made learning more interactive especially during lecture.

Reviewing Notes

  • The Tablet PC is very useful in that I could use DyKnow to reproduce notes and did learn better from seeing my hand written notes with the lecture notes.
  • Having all the notes accessible on DyKnow Vision was the most useful aspect. I made many references to DyKnow notes.
  • Note taking is enhanced through the ability to correct and move data easily.

Mobile Computing

  • Having an electronic copy of all my notes as well as a portable computer increased my efficiency, desire to work, and number of locations where I am both physically and technologically capable of working and studying. This is especially true for SAS (our statistical software).
  • Mobile technology is a great advantage in and out of the classroom.
  • Having SAS on this computer saved much time avoiding trips back and forth to school.
  • Having the screen directly in front of me made the material much more accessible.
  • I can work at anytime. The Tablet PC reminds me to put more effort on econometrics because whenever I turn it on my assignments were shown instantly reminding me how much I had to finish.

General Comments

  • I can communicate with the teacher more effectively.
  • The statistics (from the polls) in class let me know what others in class are thinking about the specific questions.
  • The Tablet PC is very interactive and I fell in love with it.

There you have it .. in their own words.

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