Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Joe Calhoun and Clickers, Econ. Florida State

In Campus Technology's December 1, 2006 edition, there is a discussion of Smart Classrooms (101 Best Practices) and I would recommend that piece to you, however one piece features economics instruction featuring Joe Calhoun who presented this at the 2006 Robert Morris Teaching Conference.

In addition to Joe at #19, you will find
DyKnow at #29 and Ipods at #10.

Quoting Campus Technology:
At Florida State University, personal response systems (aka PRS or “clickers”) are used in the classroom to engage students in learning and provide instructors with immediate feedback. (Students answer a few questions per class period from questions embedded in the class Power- Point presentations.) To encourage faculty to incorporate PRS in the classroom, training for use of the systems is provided via a series of instructional videos created by Joe Calhoun, lecturer in the Department of Economics and assistant director of the Stavros Center for Economic Education. This approach, used in place of standard face-to-face workshops, lets faculty review the materials as many times as needed, at their own pace and convenience. A “how-to” video is provided for students and can be linked to/from an instructor’s website.
More info here. "

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