Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Best Educational" Software Finalists

In a news update from Campus Technology today the finalists for the Higher Education 'Codie' awards from the Software and Information industry Association was announced. I wonder if it is accidental that the announcement comes on the same day the finalists for the Oscars are announced, but I digress. In the best education solution overall I see McGraw Higher Education Online Learning and Tutor.com. In the category of best post-secondary CMS is Angel Learning and in the best post secondary instruction solution is Turnitin.com. I looked hard to see if any of the Tablet PC unique software is listed and noticed none. We who have immersed in the Tablet PC world would have a completely different list: DyKnow.com, Classroom Presenter, One Note, Go Binder, MS Journal, (perhaps digital ink in Outlook and MSN Messenger), Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Connect make up my list. What is yours? What software do you use that derives its value primarily from the platform of the Tablet PC? Comment or email me and let me know.

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