Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tablet PC Research

Tablet PCs can improve Education! This is the message of papers available online now and to be delivered at Purdue University. Sponsored in part by Microsoft Reearch, DyKnow.com and others, the workshop promises to deliver examples and research to help support the claims of we who believe that Tablet PC offer the greatest value in education today.

WIPTE 2006: "The First Workshop on the Impact of Pen-based Technology on Education will be held on the Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, Indiana on April 6 and 7, 2006. WIPTE is open to anyone with an interest in instructional technology. A wide variety of disciplines are embracing Tablet PC's and similar pen-based devices as tools for the radical enhancement of teaching and learning."

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  1. Followup on WIPTE 2005. I aske Dave Berque and heard "The conference was great! We will do another one next year (2007) on June 11 and 12. It will be at Purdue again." So make your plans to attend. All the papers from the 2005 WIPTE conference are here http://www.itap.purdue.edu/tlt/conference/wipte/schedule.htm