Friday, November 11, 2005

Students and Tablet PCs

See the new site of the Student Tablet PC and read the experiences of Tracey Hooten and Trevor Claiborne and others as they tell of their use of the Tablet PC in their class and their lives. One great feature of this site is the incredible number of links (especially the software links) and the discussion forums.

The more I use the Tablet PC the more I feel it is an indispensable tool for economists. In nearly every lecture we combine text, graphics (mostly hand drawn) and equations, lots and lots of equations. When we grade we grade not only text, but also the student drawn graphics and the hand written equations. When we mark up papers submitted again with the graphs and equations. The Tablet PC allows for the economists (and statisticians and mathematicians and others from quantitatively demanding disciplines) to work in a single electronic environment like no other product.

I have been using a Toshiba M200 and more recently the Gateway M275. I like the higher resolution and small size of the Toshiba and I like the DVD/CD in the Gateway. Choices... what to buy, small and convienient or large and comprehensive?

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