Friday, April 01, 2011

iPads for College Classrooms? Not So Fast, Some Professors Say. - Technology - The Chronicle of Higher Education

iPads for College Classrooms? Not So Fast, Some Professors Say. - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Best paragraph damning with faint praise:
For some professors, an older, less-hyped model of tablet computer offers far more advantages. That device is the tablet PC. It's clunkier than the iPad—and so uncool that it runs Windows—but it allows instructors and students to write precisely because it uses a penlike stylus, and to type quickly on its attached keyboard.

I remain a fervent advocate of the Tablet PC. I use it every day and every day that I am teaching class. I would enjoy an iPad or Moto Zoom for reading and browsing and reference work, but for serious work in the econometrics classroom nothing can touch a Tablet PC. For me I need a very good way to do writing with digital ink, drawing graphs and writing complex equations. Until a tablet can do that I will be supporting the Tablet PC.

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  1. I have not used an iPad or a tablet PC. I'm surprised that there would not be an application for the iPad for equations and graphing. My son is a student at Shepherd University in WV; he uses an iPad with the wireless keyboard to take notes in class. I don't think he has classes that do complex equations and graphing though.
    Good points in your post!