Wednesday, September 12, 2007

UA Faculty Choose HP2710p Tablet PC

Should be any day that we get our new HP 2710p Tablet PCs! This Fall all faculty will recieve

these sleek new computers. I can't wait to have something under 4 lbs after lugging around the Gateway M285E. I am ready for a format that is not wide screen as well. You can see specs on this at Gotta Be Mobile.

I anticipate a lot of our faculty have chosen the Tablet PC (over a regular laptop or mac book) since I have 90 faculty scheduled for 3 sessions of a workshop sponsored by our Institute for Teaching and Learning that I have called "Why Your Next Laptop Needs a Pen." The third session was added due to the demand and filled in less than a day.


  1. Steve - Your workshop on "Why your next laptop needs a pen" sounds terrific! Will you be posting any workhop materials / presentations online for the public? - Jim Vanides

  2. Sure Jim,
    You can see a proposed working group page at

    Of course the discussion group is private, but I expect to post the presentation both here and on my scholarship page.

    See you again at WIPTE next October.