Friday, July 13, 2007

DyKnow User's Group meeting 2007

While the 2007 DyKnow User's Group meeting at DePauw is history, I want to post the PowerPoint version of my presentation here for your comments. The presentation called Problem Based Learning in Econometrics with Supporting Technology reports on my successful use of Problem Based Learning in econometrics in a 1:1 environment where each student had (for about 6 weeks) exclusive use of a Tablet PC and classes were conducted using DyKnow Vision software.

I would enjoy hearing your feedback directly to since we will try this experiment again in the Fall 2007 term. And a public word of thanks to Laura Small, Dave Burque, Frank Gilbert and others who made the conference such a fun time. And yes Jim we are going to apply in your next round!
Notice the graphic in this post, while it's only 8 students, look at how their opinion of the cost of adopting a Tablet PC in class changed from before they knew they were getting one to after they had used one. I hope this convinces a few to shift to Tablet PCs if their reluctance is their fear of the learning curve.

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