Thursday, March 29, 2007

Day Two of the 1:1 Computing experience -- Engagement

The second class day with my graduate students and their newly acquired Gateway tablet PCs went fairly well. I still did not completely have some nuances of DyKnow down and made a couple of small errors. The students each seemed to log in quickly and could follow along with the presentation. I first spent time on our PBL assignment and then flew through a lecture that I have been trying to finish for too many class days so far.

The feature we tried this day was the submission feature. I had a panel that asked for their comments, each student wrote their comments and then submitted that panel to me. I was able to see all of their responses on my computer and quickly scroll though. I 'marked' them up later in my office and with one click sent each student back his panel as marked. Fabulous feature!

For some reason one student lost wireless connectivity and this created a bit of hassle towards the end of the class, but the most amazing thing of the day was the students wouldn't leave. One was getting up and I said at least 'he; was leaving and he said if h didn't have another class he wouldn't. So whether it is the Tablet, DyKnow or the task at hand, the word for today is engagement.

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