Friday, September 30, 2005

He threw away his notes....

It's not about technology, but Professor Steve Greenlaw of University of Mary Washington is attempting an experiment to truly move away from ”chalk & talk” teaching in his principles of macro course this semester. He would like to invite you to follow this experiment over the semester and give him feedback along the way. Any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions are welcome.
If you are interested, even a little, here’s what you can do: Go to his blog, where he is writing about the experiment at . Interesting reading...

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  1. Steven, three things. First, this is an interesting idea for transforming the powerpoint presentation.

    Second, I noticed you have a case study posted on the ERN site too. Interesting. Do you know of any freeware or demos of a program that allows you to mark on the powerpoint slides with just the mouse? In other words a solution that doesn't require purchasing more hardware.

    Finally, here's a link to a case study I just posted on using class blogs as a course management alternative.

    I like your blog layout. my monster_economist blog is slowly trasforming into a resource for graduate students to a resource for educators. I will keep checking in and visit the petablogy site to see how that's going.